Avoid corporate entertainment disasters

Date: March 24, 2016 By: Gemma Heath in River Thames News
Avoid corporate entertainment disasters

A Microsoft staff party hit the headlines earlier this week for including scantily-dressed dancers as part of the entertainment, and had to issue an apology. Corporate entertainment can be complex but you can ensure that your event does not receive publicity for the wrong reasons by following some simple rules.

Who is your audience? 

The type of corporate entertainment you book should be appropriate for the guests, and match the client’s culture, values and brand. When planning an event, such as those using Thames party boat hire companies, having information about the audience is important. This will help decide whether to stay safe with the entertainment or if it’s ok to be more daring.

Appropriate entertainment 

As well as being appropriate for the audience, your entertainment also needs to be suitable for the type of event. For instance, an event for Health and Safety representatives should avoid anything dangerous as this would not fit with their basic principles.

Do not overload the entertainment 

You do not have to go overboard with booking entertainment for events at venues in London. Understated can be effective if you choose wisely. Guests who want to network won’t want the distraction of constant entertainment.

Know what you have booked 

If you are choosing something different for your event, it’s wise to check out exactly what the act entails. If you are unsure it can be helpful to go with a recommendation from a colleague or client.

Understand the technology 

A successful event needs adequate AV system and technology equipment at the venue so that poor-quality sound does not detract from the entertainment.