Background entertainment options for corporate events

Date: February 26, 2016 By: Gemma Heath in River Thames News
Background entertainment options for corporate events

A corporate event should be more than just an opportunity to inform and impress your delegates. It should also have an element of fun and adding some background entertainment can help to achieve this.

If you have chosen your hiring venue in London, our nation’s capital has some fantastic musical and entertainment talent to ensure that your event is a memorable one for everyone involved. Choosing the right accompaniment is all about getting the style just right; this will impress your guests, complement the event and help to communicate your message.


Hiring a pianist to play at your event is one of the most popular musical entertainment choices and it would certainly be a fitting feature for an event on board a Thames boat charter. Pianists are a great option for corporate events and a well-trained performer has the ability to match their music with the feel of the room.

A modern-classical twist 

If you want to bring in traditional instruments to your corporate event, such as a cello, harp or violin, the experience can still be lively and entertaining. There are many soloists and groups who perform modern versions of classic songs and they can bring something different with their own interpretations.

Invite some celebrities?

Hiring a real celebrity would be a fantastic coup, but this is likely to be out of the reach of most event budgets. However, with a choice of professional lookalikes available to hire, you can get the celebrity edge without the extortionate cost. Lookalikes don not even have to perform or do anything unusual; their presence in the crowd is enough to entice conversation among guests, which is vital if you are aiming to encourage a bit of networking.