The benefits of re-engaging with event attendees

Date: April 19, 2016 By: Gemma Heath in River Thames News
The benefits of re-engaging with event attendees

Following a successful event, it’s important to analyse what particular aspects worked best, how you can improve them next time, and how to re-engage with attendees. By doing this you can discover the value of your marketing efforts. There are online analytical tools that can make this process smoother and more integrated, enabling your events to have a greater impact in the future.

Events can be held at a wide range of venues – from a simple lunch meeting on a Thames boat charter to a more formal dinner in a large conference venue.  Whatever the size of the event, you need to assess the impact of it on your business.

Analytical solutions 

Tools such as EventNinja, created by two former event organisers, can be analyse all aspects of an event, including the sales, ticketing and marketing. This highlights the behaviour of attendees, so if you invite people to regular events at some of the venues in London, you can see who has been the most engaged, and those that you could be losing.

More personalised service 

This type of tool also allows you to separate attendees, to provide them with personalised invitations or targeted messages. Filtering is based on amounts of money attendees spend, which events they attended, their social influence or demographics, and many more attributes.

These are crucial elements for event planners and are used by many global businesses to gain new interest from previous attendees, moving their marketing efforts to a more customised format, rather than a general style.

Tools like this are an innovative solution for event planners looking for new ways to engage with attendees, to ensure that their events are as successful as possible, with databases built up over time to create a comprehensive record.