Brand experience industry feeling positive for the future

Date: February 23, 2016 By: Gemma Heath in River Thames News
Brand experience industry feeling positive for the future

New research shows that those working in the brand experience industry feel positive about the future of the sector and their role within it.

The annual careers survey from Event Magazine found that 63% of those taking part thought that their workforce would expand in 2016. Just 5% believed there would be a reduction in staffing levels. This highlights the positivity in the industry, as experiential events become a greater part of brand campaigns.

This level of growth in the sector means that many within it are happy and keen to continue working there throughout their careers. From those who took part in the survey, 74% want to stay working in brand experience and 69% were positive about how their career was progressing.

The future of brand experience

The role of brand experience as a marketing discipline is continuing to develop. It now plays a more important part in integrated campaigns. Customers want to trust a brand and the use of events will continue to be a crucial element for developing this.

Creating a full brand experience at one of the many venues in London brings innovation and relevance to the product or service, showcasing the value of the brand to the customer.

As the economy becomes more stable and the sector grows, new opportunities will arise for those in the brand experience industry. This skill development and career progression will need further investment in training from employers.

This will also provide a boost for those unusual venues in London, which can provide brands with something a bit different, adding to the whole experience.