Is your event data secure enough?

Date: March 17, 2016 By: Gemma Heath in River Thames News
Is your event data secure enough?

A critical aspect of any event is the data held by a company about attendees and other elements of the planning process. How secure is this, particularly in relation to the handling of sensitive delegate data?

Findings from a survey carried out across the UK and the USA for Eventsforce show that just 40% of event planners are confident in the security policy standards of their organisation. The research, involving 50 organisations, also showed that 80% of respondents believe data security will be one of their priorities this year.

The study found many problems with the security policies in place at organisations handling events at venues in London and across the country.

Password concerns 

A high number (81%) of the planners who were questioned do not change their passwords for event management systems on a regular basis; some do not even do this on an annual basis. A third of of the respondents admitted to sharing their password with colleagues, something that could potentially lead to a security breach.

Email breaches 

One area in the research that was identified as showing vulnerability was the way event planners use email, especially between colleagues and third-party companies. It showed that 65% had emailed data about an event after it had been downloaded from their system.

Additionally, 36% had sent their API key to someone else, which could provide access to information on their system to a third-party system.

Security issues raised by the research could impact on the credibility of data held by planners organising events at a range of venues, including on a Thames boat charter. Event companies must be aware of these concerns and put policies in place to make their systems more secure.