Event planners need to understand security risks

Date: February 10, 2016 By: Gemma Heath in River Thames News
Event planners need to understand security risks

A recent report and conference highlighted the potential disruption security risks could cause to corporate events, including terrorism and cyber hacking. These elements need to be taken seriously by companies, who must do more to understand the risks and have an effective plan in place to mitigate them.

Cyber hacking risk is real

When event planners are looking for venues in London, they don’t always factor in the real threat posed by cyber hacking.

At the Meeting Professionals International (MPI) European Meetings and Events Conference 2016, an industry expert spoke of the issues companies face from data theft and how events provide opportunities for cyber criminals.

Companies need to be aware of the security gaps opening up with the rapid evolution of technology. Everyone involved in corporate events, including agencies and venues (such as those operating Thames luxury charters), needs to take responsibility for reducing the cyber security risk. They should install measures to protect their own and their clients’ systems from hacking.

Terrorist effect to impact meetings

The Meetings Outlook Report, published by MPI, highlights that 44% in the events industry believe there will be a significant effect on events as a result of terrorist activity.

The report shows that, although there is cautious optimism for growth in the industry, concern about terrorism is affecting budgets and projections. Almost half of those questioned (48%) believe that meeting costs will rise due to enhanced levels of security while 15% are researching venues more thoroughly as a result of the risks.

The threats from cyber hacking and terrorism will undoubtedly continue to impact on events. We will see changes in the planning and implementation stages to ensure that they can take place smoothly and with minimal risks.