Find your way to London’s secret party

Date: March 09, 2016 By: Gemma Heath in River Thames News
Find your way to London’s secret party

The Mayor of London has announced details of a free party that will take place at a secret venue in the capital later this month. Guests will have to solve clues and take part in tasks to find their way there.

Search Party will be held at one of the many venues in London on Sunday 20th March. Guests will only discover the location once they have completed all the clues. Then, on arrival at the venue, they will be treated to live music, food and drink, and swing dancing. There will also be a few surprises, so it’s definitely worth putting in the effort.

Not a simple task

A maximum of 4,000 people will be allowed into the free party and there will be four different two-mile trails leading guests to the location.

Along the trails, there will be a series of tasks and riddles to solve before guests can move on to the next one. These could include activities such as performing dance routines, herding sheep and taste tests. The clues will also take unusual forms, including disguised actors or a bottle containing a message.

Find your London

The Search Party is just one element of the Find Your London festival, which runs from 18th to 28th March, and includes a range of free and low-cost events and activities.

The festival aims to celebrate the fantastic outdoor spaces available in the city, including parks and woodlands as well as town centres and high streets. Alongside the Search Party, the festival will feature the opening of new markets and historical walks along the river, where you could join a Thames boat charter tour.