Free Film Festivals are the latest trend

Date: March 18, 2016 By: Gemma Heath in River Thames News
Free Film Festivals are the latest trend

The Free Film Festivals (FFF) scheme has been running since 2010 with many locations across London participating by setting up their own community screenings. The organisers now want more of us to have a go at running our own FFF and have set up a website to explain how it all works.

Different venues

The uniqueness of the FFF initiative is that it encourages the showing of films in some unusual venues in London. There’s no limit to how creative you can be with the venue. For instance, one organiser put on an evening of Japanese horror films in a Peckham chapel, complete with live drummers. Other screenings have been bike-powered in outdoor settings.

Those running the festival decide on the location. Someone could even set up a screening with a Thames party boat hire company if they wished.

There are currently around eight FFF running in the capital, and organisers hope this will rise to 80 with the help available on the website.

Set up a festival

The FFF website is available here; it’s easy to navigate and you can find out how you can run your own festival. You can also view all the upcoming festivals on the site, maybe to get inspiration or so that you can check out one for yourself.

The organisers want to make the process of establishing a festival straightforward and have covered as many potential questions as possible, from health and safety to license requirements.

They are also establishing mentoring sessions so that those who have run a festival can support new people and help to make their event a success.