How to get the best from your team building event

Date: March 08, 2016 By: Gemma Heath in River Thames News
How to get the best from your team building event

The suggestion of a team-building event can often bring a feeling of dread at having to endure a day of activities with colleagues in a generic hotel. This doesn’t have to be the case, though.

There are many different and unusual venues in London that you can hire. Planning well for your team-building event will ensure that everyone gets something out of it.

How to create a positive event

Before you start developing an itinerary, you need to understand what not to do at a team building day, so that all your attendees will benefit.

It is critical that you consider who will be attending and what their capabilities are before deciding on the day’s activities. Strenuous and demanding activities are best avoided if a large number of attendees are not fit or confident enough to take part, as they may be too embarrassed to contribute.

Business benefits

Team building events need to generate a benefit for the business. The focus shouldn’t just be on having fun and socialising though there is a place for this in the plans. Using real-world projects in exercises enables people to achieve something useful. This gives a purpose to the day and provides the opportunity for bonding.

For instance, you could use your time on a Thames boat charter to plan for a big event or for the coming year. Let the sights along the river inspire what you take back to the office.

With more relevant activities carried out away from the office, in a fun and relaxed environment, your team building event will be more successful and you’ll come away with some tangible benefits.