Intelligent team building is this year’s top trend

Date: February 09, 2016 By: Gemma Heath in River Thames News
Intelligent team building is this year’s top trend

The event industry is incorporating new methods of planning and structuring corporate events to make them more effective and successful. This year will see a number of trends coming into the industry, creating events customised to individual clients and making use of more unusual venues in London.

Industry experts believe that intelligent team building will be important in 2016. This is all about producing events that involve more than just a few simple team games. Planning a cohesive team building day involves a tailored and structured approach to ensure that the event meets the specific needs of the client with tangible outcomes.

Successful intelligent team building

When companies specify a corporate event, they need to understand what their return on investment will be, as well as how this will meet the learning objectives of the attendees. Their team need to be able to have fun at the same time as feeling challenged by the tasks. The event also has to demonstrate advantages to the business.

Developing intelligent team building events is all about understanding exactly what the client wants to achieve and ensuring that they gain value for money. The day needs to inspire delegates to be as creative as possible whilst developing as a team.

This could include a combination of activities, giving delegates opportunities to enjoy themselves, reflect on the business and explore new ways of working. For instance, a solution could incorporate a Thames luxury charter trip, enabling delegates to get away from the office and minimise distractions.

Team building events have moved away from the traditional days of getting delegates to navigate themselves home. Event companies now need to take a more personalised stance when developing solutions.