London support can make your event a success

Date: February 12, 2016 By: Gemma Heath in River Thames News
London support can make your event a success

When you’re planning a London-based event, having some local insight can help to make it as successful as possible. If you’re not based in the city, then it’s crucial to use a local agency if you want to achieve this level of support.

A fantastic location for corporate events, London has extensive business contacts and a variety of venues to choose from. But with so much activity in and around London, if you lack experience or knowledge of the area, you might struggle to create a successful event.

The right location

London can appear like a huge mixture of venues if you don’t know the area well. There’s a range from traditional hotels and conference centres to more unusual venues, such as a Thames party boat hire package.

It’s important to understand the logistical aspects, such as how far your venue is from the nearest tube station. Otherwise, attendees could find it hard to get there, which might put them off going.

The area of London where you hold your event can also have an effect. Different regions each have their own styles and businesses. For instance, Mayfair has an upmarket style, Bank is the centre of the financial district and Camden has an eclectic and trendy mix.

Not everywhere is London

Venues may be advertised as being in London, but can actually be on the outskirts, involving a long travelling distance from the centre. This could be off-putting for people who need to spend a long time getting there, and is where a London-based agency can come into its own.

Good contacts

A company that deals with many events in London will have built up an extensive network of contacts. They will be able to negotiate good deals, as opposed to a business that needs to start from scratch.