London venue-matching becomes easier with new booking platform

Date: April 29, 2016 By: Gemma Heath in River Thames News
London venue-matching becomes easier with new booking platform

A new booking platform, launched in London, will make locating vacant meeting and event spaces easier for event planners. It will help to reduce the overcapacity that has caused the industry to struggle since the recession.


Developed by Knut Gaskjenn, Spacily is an online booking system. It will benefit a range of venues in London that have empty spaces, as well as event professionals wanting an efficient way to search for and book meeting rooms.

Benefit of meetings

Since the recession hit the capital, the venue industry has faced significant struggles. Brands have cut back on event spending and virtual meetings have become more popular, resulting in spare capacity. The aim of Spacily is to unlock these spaces, to try and combat the growth of virtual meetings and to make face-to-face events a priority for brands.

Maintaining traditional events and meetings is a vital part of a brand’s marketing strategy, as they help develop the business and enable it to communicate better with its customers. Everyone getting together in one room is a fantastic way to start conversations and generate contacts, and more effective than sending an email or meeting through social media.

However, finding the right venue, such as onboard a Thames boat charter, is a time-consuming process, as event planners need to contact and visit several places before choosing the best one.

Spacily simplifies this process by providing virtual experiences. Planners can view facilities, get price parity and help with booking, enabling them to discover new venues and book online without hassles or inconvenience.

The platform currently has almost 300 spaces available and more venues will be signing up soon.