London’s Garden Bridge could be decided in secret 

Date: March 04, 2016 By: Gemma Heath in River Thames News
London’s Garden Bridge could be decided in secret 

The Garden Bridge, a £175 million pedestrian bridge that will span the River Thames, has been controversial ever since it was first suggested. Now an important decision about its future could happen in secret.

Lambeth Council has to decide whether to allow the bridge to be built on their land. Plans for the bridge include having it land at the Queen’s Walk on the southern side of the Thames. As this is council property, the authority needs to grant approval for the scheme to proceed.

This decision was due to take place in public, with the council’s ten cabinet members from the Labour party. Final approval could now be given by just one councillor, in private, and If the council chooses this option, there will be no opportunity for supporters or objectors to have a say at the meeting.

The floating garden 

If the Garden Bridge gets the go ahead it would become one of the more unusual venues in London and a fantastic asset. The proposal is for a pedestrian bridge that will encompass a beautiful living garden, and will enable people to cross the river whilst surrounded by nature and wildlife.

There will be a range of different spaces for people to explore, so they can meander across or opt for a more direct route to the other side. This could appeal to commuters preferring a peaceful walk as well as tourists who can take their time. Both will have a good view of the Thames luxury charters passing below.

Regardless of the decision on where the bridge will land, Lambeth Council has several other planning matters to consider. Due for discussion at a planning meeting next week, these involve a counter-terrorism plan and provision of public toilets.