Planning tips for an effective conference

Date: February 29, 2016 By: Gemma Heath in River Thames News
Planning tips for an effective conference

Planning an annual conference is a lengthy process that involves bringing together many different elements, including speakers, delegates, the venue, food, drink and entertainment, to create an effective event.

During a recent industry forum, event leaders from some of the country’s major brands gave their top tips for providing a conference that has a unique concept and gets the best from attendees.


Corporate conferences don’t all have to be the same, so it’s beneficial to challenge ideas and showcase your brand in different ways. This could be by choosing one of the more unusual venues in London not generally associated with your sector. Also, alter layout and style so that attendees can engage with each other, rather than just listen to the speakers.


It’s important to keep focused on the event and not let the entertainment or visual appearance detract from it. Simplicity is the best way to achieve this. Consider the style of your event when deciding on the type of entertainment you need and ensure that they complement each other.


Technology can give corporate events a boost, but the latest innovations can also be costly. You need to decide whether this is crucial to the delivery or is something you could do without. Using something just because it’s there can diminish the impact and be extremely expensive.


Taking delegates away from the familiar, such as being on board one of the Thames luxury charters, can encourage their engagement with the event. They will have a different take on what they hear and be able to gain more from the event than if they were just sat in a room.