Social media essential for night-time events

Date: March 24, 2016 By: Gemma Heath in River Thames News
Social media essential for night-time events

A new survey highlights the importance of social media in publicising night-time events, such as those on board Thames luxury charters, showing it as more significant than other forms of publicity.

Carried out by registration and ticketing platform, Eventbrite, the survey showed that 60% of respondents learned about evening events through social media. Almost a third (32%) found out about new night-time events from their social media contacts.

The survey, which spoke to 2,500 people across the UK and Ireland, also showed that 28% said advertising on social media was how they found out about events.

Another way that those surveyed learn about events is through email mailing lists. These were sent to 13% by venues, 9% through ticket agencies and 3% from other sources.

Although print media no longer has the impact it once had, 23% of people still learn about events from adverts in magazines and newspapers, and 13% from posters and billboards.

Cost of events

The research also looked at the price people were prepared to pay for events.

The popularity of free events is no surprise, and 34% of those questioned went to one or more at venues in London or across the country each week. They are not discouraged from paying for tickets, though, and 29% went to one or more paid-for events a week.

This survey shows the importance of social media for the events industry. Each share on Facebook generates around £3 extra in ticket sales, with Tweets adding £1.50.

Venues are becoming more innovative in the types of night-time events they run. The way they invite people and an integrated approach, with social media at its heart, is crucial for a successful event.