Thames pier storm damage repaired by £7m boat

Date: April 04, 2016 By: Gemma Heath in River Thames News
Thames pier storm damage repaired by £7m boat

The dramatic weather, which affected London when storm Katie passed through last week, caused a large amount of destruction across the capital, including along the River Thames. This might have impacted on fans making their way to The O2 for a show by Dynamo, the TV illusionist, but help came in the form of a £7 million maintenance boat from the Port of London Authority (PLA).

After the storm had passed London, the damage to North Greenwich Pier forced a temporary closure for repairs. This could have brought problems for those travelling to The O2, one of the popular entertainment venues in London because many visitors access the site via river services.

Speedy repairs

However, the PLA stepped in with the use of London Titan, their mooring maintenance vessel, which was able to conduct the repairs so that the pier reopened as soon as possible.

The vessel has a crane arm that can extend 20m, and this removed the section of damaged canopy overhanging the mooring area.

As the Titan was working close to the pier it was able to get there quicker than other vessels. The speed of repairs meant that North Greenwich Pier was only closed to Thames boat charter companies for 34 hours, limiting inconvenience to O2 visitors, commuters and tourists.

Following the severe storm on 28 March, two piers along the Thames suffered damage. As well as North Greenwich, the other was Tower Pier, which was only shut for a few hours, as TFL staff repaired the section of roof that had come away.