The Benefits of Having a Boat Wedding on the Thames

Date: October 12, 2021 By: Gemma Heath in Uncategorized
The Benefits of Having a Boat Wedding on the Thames

The Benefits of Having a Boat Wedding on the Thames

Are you trying to decide whether or not to have your wedding on a boat? Check out all of these benefits of having a boat wedding on the Thames.

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Your wedding is the one day in your life where everything should be absolutely perfect. It’s a day for you to celebrate love, joy, and excitement. You and your spouse will want to remember this day fondly for the rest of your life.

And that’s why you need to make it unique!

The venue of your wedding matters. It should be somewhere that’s beautiful and memorable. For a truly unique wedding, you have to choose a venue that makes your wedding stand out from the crowd.

But how do you decide on a venue? Which location is beautiful and unique enough for your special day?

Don’t fret. We’ve got just the thing: a boat wedding on the Thames.

Boat weddings have countless benefits. Tying the knot out on the water is a perfect way to ensure your wedding is incredible.

But if you’re still not convinced, keep reading! Here are the benefits of having a boat wedding on the Thames.

A Gorgeous Location

There’s nothing like a beautiful backdrop for you to soak in as you celebrate your love together. A wedding ceremony on the River Thames will give you a location like no other. Get out on the water and take in the beautiful views of the London city skyline around you and the wide-open sky above you as you say your vows.

But it doesn’t end there. A wedding ceremony on the Thames means that there will also be tons of landmarks to see along the river.

You can see the London Eye, spot the dome of Saint Paul’s Cathedral, or catch a glimpse of Big Ben. Along the Thames, you’ll also pass by plenty of London’s bridges. Plus, you can also even catch sight of the world-famous Globe Theatre or London’s Houses of Parliament.

With this ever-changing scenery, you’ll want to fully take it all in. And you can!

Simply ask to stop anywhere you like for a photo or even just for a moment to enjoy the view. You have all the control on your wedding day!

Easy Wedding Planning

Wedding planning can be incredibly stressful. You need to choose a venue, hire a caterer, decide on decorations, find servers… the list goes on and on. It’s no wonder why people are easily overwhelmed leading up to their wedding.

But you can rest easy. A boat wedding will simplify everything!

You can host both the ceremony and the reception on the boat, so you don’t have to find two separate locations for each. If you want to invite lots of guests, you can find vessels that are stocked with all the space and equipment that you need.

Your list of worries will be reduced significantly. The event planning staff will help set you up with everything you may need and will walk you through the process in every step. Plus, boat captains can legally perform wedding ceremonies, so you don’t even need to worry about hiring an ordained minister.

You’ll be able to find boats of all different shapes, sizes, and styles that can suit your every desire. Just let the staff know what you’re looking for and they can help you make your dream a reality.

You don’t need to worry about a thing with a boat wedding on the Thames. It makes everything far more convenient and simple so that you can focus on your special day.

Complete Privacy

With almost any other wedding venue, you’ll be required to share the space with others. A garden, a castle, a barn – chances are that there will be other visitors roaming around in the background during your wedding day.

While that isn’t necessarily a problem, it can lead to annoyances and disturbances during the wedding celebration. And you want your day to be perfect.

This problem is easily solved by having a boat wedding!

You’ll be able to get rid of any unwanted visitors or background disturbances. The only people on the boat will be the people that you want there. You won’t need to share the space with any other couples or visitors.

A boat wedding keeps you safe from prying eyes, loud noises, or even bold wedding crashers. You’ll be surrounded only by your beloved family and friends in a stunning location.

Make sure, though, that your guests are on time. You don’t want the boat to accidentally leave without them!

Very Affordable

Although it may surprise you, a boat wedding can actually be more affordable than one on land! You can get all-inclusive packages that cover many different costs that would otherwise add up. A boat wedding will give you an incredible location for a great price!

You can also even save on honeymoon planning when you book a boat wedding. Instead of sprinting through airports and worrying about catching public transportation, you can use the boat itself. It can take you to your honeymoon destination straight after the wedding so that you won’t have to stress about a thing and can fully enjoy your day.

An Unforgettable Experience

A boat wedding is a sure-fire way to make your day unique and memorable, not only for you and your spouse but also for all your guests!

Each guest will come away from the experience impressed and in awe of your wedding celebration. They’ll remember it for years to come, and in turn, will remember you fondly as well. Just being on a boat is exciting for your guests – when it’s paired with a beautiful wedding, it’ll be that much more special.

Plus, a boat wedding has something for everyone. The fresh air, cool breeze, and gentle rocking of the waves are peaceful and relaxing for your grandmother. But wedding boats can also be the perfect place for you and your friends to party hard into the night!

It’s a perfect way to give back to your guests. Everyone involved won’t ever be able to forget the experience!

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Having your wedding on a boat will give you memories that you’ll treasure forever. With the scenic views of the River Thames, the private and exclusive atmosphere, and the convenience of the planning, you’ll never regret it.

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