Top tips for creating sustainable events

Date: April 21, 2016 By: Gemma Heath in River Thames News
Top tips for creating sustainable events

One of the educational sessions at IMEX 2016, in Frankfurt, gave key advice to event planners on how to bring more sustainability to their events. The issue is set to become more important as brands look to emphasise their environmental and social responsibility benefits.

If you’re planning events at some of the venues in London, here are four tips to help increase sustainability at these.

Use relevant social projects

Brands often sponsor social projects in local communities and if these are to be successfully aligned with events, they should be relevant to the brand. Technology companies, for example, supporting science, technology, engineering and mathematics education schemes (STEM).

Be fresh and local

Most events need some form of catering and this should be as local, fresh, seasonal, organic and sustainable as possible, to emphasise the brand’s environmental commitments. Thinking local when sourcing goods is currently a hot topic in the catering industry. Consumers are becoming more aware of the benefits of seasonality when buying produce.

Consider transport

Transporting attendees can be expensive, not only financially but also in the cost to the environment. Consider alternative methods that use electricity or bio-fuel, or look at setting up a carpooling scheme. Even go off the road altogether by organising a Thames boat hire company to take delegates to the venue.

Rethink production methods

At events, it is often deemed necessary to produce a range of products for the delegates to take away, such as bags, posters and leaflets. But are these essential or could you look for more environmentally friendly methods? For instance, programmes could be produced digitally, while using generic posters means that they can be reused.