Try not to lose sleep ahead of an event

Date: February 16, 2016 By: Gemma Heath in River Thames News
Try not to lose sleep ahead of an event

New research has found that a high percentage of event planners either lose sleep or feel anxious ahead of a big event. Keeping the planning process smooth and allowing plenty of time to organise everything can help reduce stress, making the day easier to handle.

Lack of sleep

The survey, commissioned by QHotels, found that over 70% of people in the events industry lost sleep the night before an event while 25% were anxious during the build up. This loss of sleep, which was more than three hours for 10% of respondents, can affect performance and impact on the running of an event.

Planning a corporate event involves many different elements. Among these are venue liaison, ordering refreshments, organising a speaker and dealing with transportation arrangements, such as London boat hire companies. A certain level of stress is inevitable. The research showed that 18% felt stressed before and 36% experienced feelings of relief immediately after an event.

No personal time

Organising any event, including those within unusual venues in London, involves a great deal of planning and time, which impacts on a person’s social life. Research results discovered that just over half of those questioned didn’t have enough time for exercise. This amount of effort and concentration can take its toll, with 98% of people needing time to recover afterwards.

The results of this research highlight the enormous pressures for events professionals when planning a big meeting and how this can impact on other aspects of their life. It’s crucial to have a well-organised event if you want to reduce stress. Otherwise, you could be too ill to continue or produce an event that’s less than great.